Delmar Loop – a six-block enclave of entertainment, culture, dining and shopping in St. Louis and University City, MO – is a destination for neighborhood residents, area workers, Washington University students, faculty and staff and millions of tourists annually.

Powered by the energy and excitement of ten live entertainment venues, ten galleries, 12 restaurants and a distinctive collection of 140 local and national shops and boutiques, the American Planning Association designated it One of the 10 Great Streets in America.

With diverse retail space options for a start-up boutique or a national brand, opportunity abounds for DELcletic retailers to join an impressive roster of existing tenants in the preeminent destination in the St. Louis region.

The Loop's distinctive main street vibe– equal parts nostalgia, contemporary and futuristic – is personified by a diverse mix of customers representing over $140 million in retail and restaurant spending potential:

• More than 20,000 residents living within a 1/2 mile
• 7,000 Washington University Students living within a 1/2 mile
• 7,500 area workers within a 1/2 mile
• 725,000 residents within a 15-minute drive




Student Spending

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key demographic drivers

A significant portion of residents are in a key demographic for spending in terms of age, income, and educational attainment:

Metro Renters (24.1%)

Young, educated singles, residents of Metro Renters neighborhoods are just beginning their professional careers in some of the largest US cities such as New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Residents will sometimes share housing with a roommate to help defray the cost of their high rent. Households are either single person or shared. The median age of 33.6 years is younger than the US median of 37 years. Approximately 30 percent are in their 20s; 14 percent are in their early 30s.

College Towns (20%)

With a median age of 24.4 years, College Towns is the third youngest of all the Tapestry segments. Most residents are aged between 18 and 34 years and live in single-person or shared households. One-fourth of households are occupied by married couple families. The race profile of this market is somewhat similar to the US profile

Trendsetters (10.4%)

On the cutting edge of urban style, Trendsetters residents are young, diverse, and mobile. More than half the households are singles who live alone or share the rent with a roommate. Families comprise the remainder. The median age is 35.

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Average Household Income

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median home value

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regional map

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